Human Issues

The Season…

by Jim on November 26, 2013

In two and a half days, America will go shopping. Unofficially the Friday after Thanksgiving starts the beginning of the holiday season for Americans. While this is a season that’s supposed to be of kindness and good cheer, what’s often not talked about is that this is also a season for being obliged or obligated. Obligated to […]

Self Defeating Beliefs (SDBs)

by Jim on October 16, 2013

Self Defeating Beliefs are simply the LIES that we tell ourselves. They are the lies that tell us… I can’t  I’m not good enough I’m not worthy I’m crap/scum/etc… I won’t make it It won’t get better These are all lies that we tell ourselves. I know I’ve told myself many of these. They were so […]

A Latin YouTube Video About HIV

by Jim on April 16, 2013

I found this video series just last week, and I’ve watched all four parts. I was moved enough by its message to want to share it with you. I’m only posting the first video (maybe I’ll post more), but I am recommending all  all four videos. To be clear, I do not endorse, nor recommend […]

Exercise and the Therapist…

by Jim on March 30, 2013

### This blog is about a therapist–a person–who is going to, at least this blog, share about himself and his journey back into exercise. Exercise can be scary for some, not at all interesting for others, and there’s “nothing but exercise” for the die hard exercisers out there. For me, and this was back in […]

### The term “Coming Out” generally refers to men and women who are in the process of openly sharing, for the first time, that they like, as in they romantically or sexually like, other men, or like other women, or both. I’m not going to be talking about whether or not “bisexual” is an orientation […]

A friend’s depression (part 1)

by Jim on February 4, 2013

### A friend of mine who lives on the East Coast called and was sharing how he was experiencing challenging times recently. Because I’m, well, I’m me, I asked what was happening. As the conversation progressed, it was clear he was experiencing the signs and symptoms of what’s called a “depressive episode” in the world […]

Happy New Year (Video)

by Jim on December 28, 2012

A Goodbye Letter to a Friend

by Jim on December 19, 2012

Saying goodbye can be one of THE most difficult things that we do while we’re here on the planet.   The grief and loss of losing our friend (whether that be my boyfriend, my girlfriend, my wife, my husband, my grandma, best friend, etc…) can be devastating. The letter that this little boy wrote in […]

Letting Go…

by Jim on September 27, 2012

  Letting Go is a common term. “Oh, just let it go!” or “Oh my God! Will you just let it go?!” or “I just wish I could let it go.” But the thing is, how do I let something go? And for that matter, what happens when I let go of something? What is it that […]

Life and spaghetti at the grocery store

by Jim on August 17, 2012

Today I was at a grocery store and having a look at the food bar. Hmm, spaghetti, I thought. But was it any good? I’d never tried their spaghetti before, and, admittedly, I was iffy about store made food. I saw a woman filling up a container of the spaghetti. I asked, “How’s their spaghetti,” […]