Empowerment Call…

AUGUST 1, 2013

8:00am Pacific Time     9:00am Mountain Time
10:00am Central Time   11:00am Eastern Time

Hey Everyone, Jim here.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m inviting you to join me in a first of it’s kind…ANYWHERE…in a totally NEW METHOD, a totally new way of helping people who have out of control sexual behaviors, addictive and codependent behaviors. This is an Educational, and Empowerment Event.

The Empowerment Call

  • In the addiction & recovery communities, there are what are called The 12 Steps
  • For many,  the 12 steps tells me what’s WRONG with me, what’s WRONG with what I’ve done.
  • The 16 Steps tells me that while I may not be perfect, that I have power.

This is an alternative approach to the 12 Steps, one of focusing on the empowerment of the individual.

  • This empowerment idea is so broad that the concepts actually go way beyond the recovery communities.

So I’m inviting all to join!

The geeks, the gays, the dorks, the left out, the depressed, the anxious, and those who don’t feel that their voice is heard.The Live Conference Call is 15 minutes per day.

FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY…to hear something genuinely positive.

  • You call in, press a code that you’ll be given, and you’re on the call.
  • 30 consecutive days.
  • Each day, we’ll talk about 1 of the 16 Steps of Empowerment, repeating the Steps on day 16.
  • $20.00.
  • Live conference call with the ability to call in later on and re listen to it, if you can’t make the live call.
  • The actual call will be based on Charlotte Davis Kasl, Ph.D’s book, “Many Roads, One Journey.”Dr. Charlotte Kasl
  • We’ll be talking about the 16 steps of Empowerment, NOT the 12 steps.
  • Each day, we’ll talk about the 16 steps. On day one, we’ll talk “Step One,” on day two, we’ll talk about “Step Two,” but again, NOT the 12 steps, the 16 STEPS of Empowerment.
  • Each day, I’ll have a conference call set up for all of us to call in, I’ll mute everybody’s phone but mine, I’ll talk about the 16 steps of Empowerment.
  • After the call is completed, I’ll blog about what that day’s Step of Empowerment was and the aim of the exercise is that YOU respond IN PRIVATE, in the Members Section of my site.
  • While you DO get to post your blog anonymously, I’m encouraging you to at least use your first name–you don’t have to, but I’m encouraging it as a way for you to start stepping up and showing up.
  • To be clear, we’ll have the call live. What this does is sets us up for building healthy habits. Make 15 minutes, that’s it, to hear something that’s going to give you information, that’s going to give you help in changing your actions, that’s going to give you help in changing your thinking about yourself and changing your life.
  • What will happen is that I’ll mute all the callers on the call so I can get the message out. After the call, ‘ll blog telling what we talked about. You respond with what that brought up for you. Whatever that brought up for you (“That sucks, I have no power, this is stupid,” to “Ya know, it makes sense, but I don’t believe it,” to whatever it brought up for you!
  • Again, the aim of the blogging and sharing about what comes up for you is the healing, is the changing in the actions that you say that you don’t want to have. I change my actions by changing my thinking, by changing my world view.
  • Your blogging and responses to the call will be SUPER IMPORTANT to this process. When you speak up, you’ll be speaking for others who might be afraid to say something, you’ll be speaking what someone else might be thinking and give them courage to speak THEIR truths the next time.
  • After the first 16 days, we’ll start over with the 16 steps of empowerment. We’ll change up the wording of the steps, we’ll deepen the learnings, and start changing habits we don’t want…by focusing on and creating what we DO want.

To be clear, here, I’m not trying to shout at you and say “YOU’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH THIS CALL!!” No. Ickk. I’m not that kinda guy. I’m the kinda guy who is inviting you to look at things differently, to re-think the thoughts that you have going on in your mind, and in your brain. When we think about things differently, that’s when I’ve found things change, opportunities open up, ideas become action, and subsequently, the external events in my life change. But it’s not a WOO HOO HOO, or a Yippie Cayaah (sp?).

The big win is that the INTERNAL changes, and the RESULTS of the internal change is that things OUTSIDE change. That’s the goal here…to help change some ideas INSIDE that might be holding you up from your own personal success, whatever that is. But it’s not about the new shiny toy or car.

That said, you’ll be one of the FIRST EVER doing this. The GOAL is to give you tools to use to change your life, or to at minimum, think about your life and the way you look at it differently. Again, I’ve found when I think about things differently, my life can change. There’s also the feelings part, too. When I FEEL the emotions inside rather than burying them, that clears the “energy” that’s been blocking that empowering idea that is just waiting beneath.

Let’s do it.