I’m Jim. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, I’m able to help you.


I work with thought patterns, patterns of what you think. In clinical terms, this is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I will help you by helping you identify the underlying thoughts that you have, the misunderstandings, even the lies that you tell yourself. These misunderstandings/lies lead to non wanted actions/behaviors (acting out through random sex, drugs, anger, isolation, excess anxiety, running away, etc.). I work from the premise that Awareness Creates Choice. After you’ve identified the underlying thoughts, when you’ve become aware of them, then, you’ll have the choice to challenge the thoughts, assess if they’re true or not. Finally, I’ll help you change the thoughts.

What this process does is it “re wires” the brain through what is called brain “plasticity.” In simple terms, brain plasticity means that we’re not locked into what with think and believe, we can literally re-wire the neural-wiring that occurs within our brain system.  This re-wiring in thinking changes the emotional feelings that we have, and will subsequently change the actions (behaviors) that you don’t want. I sum, I help you identify, challenge and change your thinking. With this done, actions change.


Sometimes I’ve had issues and problems that I’ve needed help with. I couldn’t ask my family, I couldn’t ask my friends, so I needed somebody…and somebody who wouldn’t judge me for what I was going through or for what I was thinking. I found that help. I had to learn to trust them, to trust that they genuinely wouldn’t judge me…but I did. Then I focused, I went through my own personal pain while staying focused, I went to psychotherapy school and found out a whole bunch about myself, and you know what? Now that I’m a psychotherapist, I really get it…it really is a privilege to help others.

So if you have something private that you want to talk about. If you have some pressing issues that you genuinely could use some help with, I’m here. If you’re so upset with someone or something and you just don’t want to go there or just don’t want to see that person…know this…whatever that is, it could be affecting your own peace of mind, and if you’ve got bigger dreams, or better places to be or better places to go, it’s this stuff, these issues that may need to be cleared out or dealt with before you get to head on to your bigger dreams, and better places…or simply make the change in your life that you are ready for.


I don’t know about you but sometimes for me, I need to get clear in my head before I make a change in my life. That’s something that I can help with…help you get clear in your head…and in your heart, so you can make the changes that you’re looking to make. I’ll help you so that you’ll have more tools, more ways to think about things, more strategies that you can use, including better communication skills with others, and how to identify when you’re beating yourself up in your own head (so that you can stop that, and start saying nicer things to you!)


Let’s say you hire me, which of course I’d like that opportunity. What it means is that we’d meet at my office and we’d set up when you’d like to come in…what day of the week, what time of the day, that sort of thing. You may want a weekly session, a weekly meeting to really figure things out. You might want a biweekly meeting. Sometimes you might want to come in for a consult, but not really want anything regularly set up. We’ll talk about all of that in our first meeting. You see, you have a choice of who you want to see, how often, how long, not just in setting up time with me, but in your life. When you and I work together, it’s all going to be about you, finding resolution to the issues that you want to resolve, and to empower you to take these answers out into your world.  


The areas that I have a particular strength in are: 

  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Couples Therapy
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexual Questions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief/Loss
  • Spirituality/Existential Questions

My number is 424 235 0614. Call me and we’ll set something up.

 What’s the difference between a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, and a Psychotherapist? (Good Question).

A PSYCHIATRIST is a Medical Doctor who specializes in Mental Health issues. He or she is the person who prescribes medicine such as Prozac, Wellbutrin, and the like. Often a psychotherapist will refer a client to a Psychiatrist for a client’s medications. It’s the Psychiatrist who generally prescribes the medicines, without doing the therapy and sessions are very short.

A PSYCHOLOGIST has obtained his or her doctorate (PH.D or Psy.D) and while he or she may do counseling with clients, more often a Psychologist will do Psychological testing for personality traits, symptoms of (A.D.H.D.) and things like that. A Psychologist cannot prescribe medicine.

A PSYCHOTHERAPIST (A Marriage and Family Therapist or an MFT) has obtained his or her Master’s Degree, generally in Counseling Psychology, and does counseling with individuals couples and families. A Psychotherapist cannot prescribe medicine.