Human Issues





: Gets me thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and finally, Oh My God, will my mind just STOP? (What if this, what if that, what if this AND that? What if the other…did I do that right…what will they think…do they know…could they see…they didn’t respond…they didn’t call me back…should I…?)…

Depression: It just sucks. I start not wanting to do stuff, I don’t really give a crap hoot about anything, I stop liking the things that I used to freaking LOVE to do. I’m tired. I don’t want to DO anything. I skip a bath. I go unshaven. I can also get irritable, gripey, every little thing just annoys the f*** hell out of me. I just want to lay around and nothing else…

Anger: Oh. I’m not angry, I’m just…frustrated. I’m smiling, bright smile, telling you nothing’s wrong, but inside, I’m LIVID. I’ll do something to piss you off, but Oh! Did I do that? (passive aggressive), I can’t STAND what’s happening or I can’t stand YOU!

Sex: I want it. I don’t want it. I don’t want it with YOU…(even though I should). I think about it ALL THE TIME! I’m too fat. Is this normal? Am I normal? Should I want that? But I thought that…. She should be more… He should do this…But I like this…but I can’t tell YOU that…

I’d like to help you build your confidence, get you (back to) trusting yourself, and reconnecting with your power. Yes. You have Power. I want to help you find it. Remember, I will always counsel: Use your Power for Good.