Empowerment Call, DAY 8

by Jim on August 8, 2013

We make a list of people we have harmed and people who have harmed us, and take steps to clear out negative energy by making amends and sharing our grievances in a respectful way.

This step, as I said on the call, can take a while. On the call, I talked about ownership language as one of the methods to clear out the negative energy. Ownership language is using the word I, as in: I felt, I thought, I saw, I heard. There’s also My experience was, My take on it was, and then follow the I statement with a feeling word.

Some feeling words are: Sad, Mad, Glad, Hurt, Afraid, Lonely. This is one of the tools to clear out the negative energy.

So this step is about taking action. The first action is to make the list. When negative energy is cleared out…positive energy can come in, and thats what makes change. Making a list can start the ball rolling.

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