Empowerment Call, DAY 7

by Jim on August 7, 2013

STEP 7: WE become willing to let go of guilt, shame, and any behaviors that keeps us from loving ourselves and others.

This step isn’t necessarily easy, but it can be very freeing. Becoming willing is the key.

“Becoming” tells me (and us) that we don’t have to have this done overnight, and that it WON’T be done overnight. There isn’t an instant change that with the snap of our fingers, and suddenly we’re perfect, and free of guilt, shame, etc….

“Willing” is the key to the success of this and all the steps, and really, all the things we want to do. If I’m not willing to make a change, then change won’t happen.

But if I AM willing…then I can identify the uncomfortable emotions of guilt and shame, and I can look that those behaviors that keep me from living my life fully, from loving myself, and from loving others.

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