Personal Coaching

My personal coaching practice is Solution Focused and centers around the idea that you want to get from Point A ——————> to Point B.

What we’ll do is look for, and find, solutions to problems that have stopped you from getting to Point B.

This may seem super simple, so much so that you might saying in your head, “can do that!” Great! Go for it. But if you haven’t gotten there yet, maybe it’s time to call for an assist. That’s just smart thinking.

My coaching practice isn’t, is not, psychotherapy. We’re going to go from this point —————–> to this point.

Psychotherapy vs Coaching

Basically, anything that will probably necessitate that you look back into your history, into your childhood, past relationships, or patterns of things that you do (like not completing projects), patterns of thinking/believing/acting that aren’t serving you, that aren’t useful to you anymore, that’s probably more along the lines of psychotherapy.

Anything that is along the lines of “How am I going to do that?” “How do I get from here to there?” are along the lines of having a coach.

Methods and Means…

  • In my life coaching, my sessions are by phone, or Skype, or if local, we can even meet up at a Starbucks.
  • Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length.
  • IF in my coaching practice with you I believe that you’d benefit more from psychotherapy than consulting, I will refer you to another psychotherapist or psychologist. I won’t just switch over to psychotherapy mode, as that completely blurs the lines between the fields of coaching and psychotherapy, and I’m big on healthy boundaries.
  • My coaching practice is not health care as defined by the State of California, and the rights/privileges/protections of health care defined by the State of California do not apply to my coaching practice (or anyone’s “Life Coaching” practice).