Mythological or Shamanistic

My Shamanic Counseling Services is my newest helping service, and, the most experiential.

In Shamanic Counseling, I help people navigate the inner landscapes of their consciousness so they can take full dominion and sovereignty over their lives.

I do this through my training that I started in Shamanism early this year. I went to a training of about 30 or so people and what I found was that 10 or so of us were psychotherapists or psychologists. “Wow,” I thought to myself. We were all looking to find something beyond talk therapy that might additionally help others.

The truth is, I’ve taken a lot of personal growth and education seminars, and I’ve grown from each. This training showed me something that I hadn’t seen before, a way to connect to our inner lives that is actually similar to Active Imagination techniques found within Jungian style psychology approaches.

In Shamanic Counseling we talk about Reality. Yours. Ordinary. Non Ordinary Reality.