Meeting Planners

Why Hire Jim?

  • Because Jim, first and foremost is authentic and real. This will come across immediately, and, it makes a huge difference than a boxed presentation–the message will get across.
  • Jim is  helpful, cooperative, and easy to work with. In other words,  he will follow up on phone calls, letters, details. He’ll usually call back within 24 hours.
  • The information that he provides will be useful by the time the presentation is done.

Jim will:

  • Come early for a culture check.
  • Conduct pre- and post- conference phone huddles.
  • Call attendees, if supplied, to determine their needs ahead of time.

Keynotes and Seminars

Conflict Resolution
Best Audience:

Certified in Anger Management, and Domestic Violence Prevention, Jim can see patterns underneath the conflict that actually can lead to the conflict. While many have a stigma towards the very word “anger,” Jim presents anger as pain, and offers ways out of the pain. This leads to increased cooperation and less tension.

Anger Management Resolution
Best fit audience: Companies

What a lot of people don’t know is that anger is an expression of pain. When that pain isn’t dealt with it can turn into conflict, that conflict can escalate causing all kinds of hassles at home and at work, all the while the underlying pain itself isn’t dealt with.

Jim helps identify the pain beneath the conflict, identify the context from which the conflict is coming up so that new perspectives can be seen, and from this, conflict gets resolved. Jim helps people harness this pain, identify it, identify triggers that stoke it, and create safe, healthier avenues to express it.

Domestic Violence Prevention:

Domestic Violence isn’t just “anger gone wild,” it’s a systemic pattern of power and control that just doesn’t work. Its unhealthiness simply tanks self esteem of both parties, any children involved, negatively affects work, personal, and social lives.

The good news? There’s a way out. Jim Michel, MA, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist who has facilitated Domestic Violence Prevention groups at Tarzana Treatment Centers in the Los Angeles area and groups at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, working for their STOP Program for Domestic Prevention in the Gay/Lesbian Community.

Spiritual & Tantric Sex
Best fit audience: The sexual community–those people in and out of relationships who’d like to learn a different way to connect with others and with themselves.

Tantra is a path of personal growth. This path includes how to use sex to more deeply grow and how to connect with your partner. If you’d like to learn how to use Tantra to grow and more deeply connect with your partner using Tantric techniques in your sexual practice, this seminar is for you!

Jim’s experiential and interactive presentation on Tantra will help you understand the Tantric paradigm, and you’ll get hands on experience on how to practice certain Tantric techniques by the time you leave.


Best fit audience: People who are seeking an authentic connection with their personal spirituality & would like to have a connection with God, just without dogma, judgment, and fear.
Areas: Los Angeles, Global

Coming from the radically different perspective that we’re not wrong or bad for being born, being human, or having our natural desires, Jim Michael welcomes the outcast, the geeks, the nerds, the queer, and all of those who’ve been hurt by monotheistic religions to know that they’re whole and complete as they are. While it may feel like you’re broken, you’re not.

Using modern language, Jim builds on the foundations of the new thought movement, spiritual psychology, and even modern physics, creating a new perspective and paradigm within which we can find our personal purpose, meaning, and shine our light into the world. You’ll leave with new ideas that challenge outdated and incorrect ideas about God, Life, and most importantly, yourself. You’ll leave with new ways of thinking about how valuable you are.


Topic: Women’s Authentic Power
Areas: Los Angeles, Global

Best fit audience: Women, women’s groups, colleges?

Women have had their power taken away and they’ve learned to settle, to politely disagree, to possibly say that they’re frustrated when they’re actually really pissed off, but they can’t do anything about it. And the reality is that maybe you’ve had something taken away that you’ve never talked about and never knew you had a right to talk about it. But you have a right to talk about it.

The four areas that I talk to women about are beauty, objectification, power and the Feminine. Areas that our culture has manipulated to such a degree that if I were a women living in this society, I honestly don’t know that I’d be able to find out who I authentically was. To endure objectification, minimization, the misdirected anger from men, and the loss of the divine feminine, it’s amazing that you’ve gotten this far.

In Jim’s psychotherapy practice, as he will here in this presentation Jim helps women identify boundary violations, from boundary crossings to full intrusions, set healthy and smart boundaries, and start an interactive conversation that inherently starts dialogue to help you set your course of action for the next chapter of your life.


Topic: Men’s Issues “The Immature vs. the Mature Masculine”

Areas: Los Angeles, Global

Category: Men’s Issues

Best fit audience:  Men, men’s groups, colleges?

What is it to be a man? Instead of simply looking at physical prowess and cunning of being a man, what would happen if men looked at being in integrity with themselves and those around him?

Jim challenges the idea that a man does everything for himself, identifies the cultural lies and misinformation that continues to be out there about what men are and what they aren’t. Jim challenges the traditional ideas of masculinity, intimacy, and spirituality that have led to the immature masculine taking control of our culture.

Looking at men from an archetypal perspective, we’ll look at four main archetypes of the warrior, the lover, the magician, and the king. We’ll look at the immature manifestation of these in our own lives, in culture at large, and how to mature into the mature masculine.

By looking at our lives in this way, we’ll get a better understanding of mistakes we have made, improvements we can move forward with, and healthier ways to show up as positive role models…and as men.