Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Sometimes executives hire an outside consultant or coach so that a fresh perspective can be really opened up. One of the benefits of hiring a coach who’s also a licensed therapist is that that coach will be able to take that fresh perspective, see different levels that are going on, and translate it into insight that you can use to get results and resolution. Maybe your company is in need of increased morale, reduced conflict, or navigating change. This type of coach can help, this is how I can help. Of course, this is all if you’re looking to bring the coach on site.

On a more personal level, sometimes, and I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but the executive is high up, if not the boss, and they have private issues that they really would like to talk about. But because of your unique position, there isn’t anyone there with whom you can talk. You see, I know that you hold decision making power and need privacy and discretion. Maybe you don’t like your Partners, but, you can’t really say anything. You can’t turn to your subordinates, you can’t turn to your peers…to whom do you turn?

If you’d like to talk about some private issues that you have going on, and of course, would like to get some fresh, neutral, outside perspective, then you’re looking for off site coaching.

Why do Executives call me?

  • To stop the train of burning out. To recalibrate and get clear.
  • To have a place that they can get their heads on straight, talking with someone with no attachment to the job.
  • Because I offer privacy and discretion that they need.

My Contact Info:
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