You say you’re straight. You’re this. You’re that. You’re what you want them to see…but…you’re not. And you know it.

Here’s the thing. I don’t care. And. I accept it, 100%. But they don’t.

It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other that your wife/girlfriend thinks that you’re this way. Maybe they think you’re doing this, when you’re really doing that. Maybe you’ve got a second cell #, second account, you pay cash so there’s no paper trail. I get it. You see I work with men like you. One of the absolutes is that she must never know. But the fear is that she could  find out…or that she would find out. Because that would completely unravel your world.

The cool thing here is that I won’t tell. I can’t. There are exceptions. If you’re hurting an elder, a dependent adult, a child, yourself suicidally, or, your imminently going to kill another. Then I may have to report it. (If you’ve already killed another…I don’t have to report that.)

So…if it’s eating you up inside so much that you’re losing sleep, losing time, obsessing about it, maybe your work is actually starting to be affected by it. Maybe the guilt or shame is just getting to be too much. I can help.

We can actually do a number of things to get things straight…so it were.  Make a plan, come to terms, don’t come to terms, but take actions that bring you back into integrity with yourself. You see, that’s what I care about, that you’re in integrity with yourself. I believe that your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship that you’ve got and that you’ll ever have. Let me take ownership with that sentence. My relationship with myself is more important than any other relationship that I’ll ever have. And so is your relationship with you.

Maybe you just need a place to vent, to share about your problems. You can’t share your problems with the boss because, well, you are the boss…or one of the higher ups. Your staff certainly can’t know. Your wife can’t know. So what do you do with all that secrecy inside? I’m telling you, that’s poisonous. What I do is help you come to terms with your shadow. I help you take full ownership of it. Shoving it aside, sweeping it under the rug are short term fixes that may have worked back in the day…but they’re not working now.

Give me a call, jet me an email. What you have to say is important. I’ll listen. I’ll help you make a plan, come to terms with what’s been happening, and get you back in integrity with yourself. Let me remind you: This is still your life…and no one else’s. 

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