Empowerment Call TEST POST 2

by Jim on April 23, 2013

Okay, I’m testing this again. I tested the actually conference call, and it appeared to work. I need further testing of the call itself.

Another thing that I need to test is the idea of someone signing up and seeing the blog.  I need to make sure that everything is private so that when anyone write’s on the blog that no one who hasn’t paid, can’t see the responses.

So I’m testing this again, seeing if the privacy is working. Only when the privacy is working will this go live.

Now I’m testing this second post to see if it works.

We all have to remember what we log in as.

Sometimes it takes a little longer, but we’ll see if this works now.

Okay, people are able to sign up, and view the whole blog, but they’re being able to sign up without paying.

I’m going to have to talk with the guy about this.

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