Empowerment Call, DAY 1

by Jim on August 1, 2013


Step 1:

We affirm that we have the power to take charge of our lives [and stop the out of control behaviors] and stop being dependent on sex, substance, or people for our self esteem and security that up till now, have made our lives unmanageable.

  1. Another way to state the first step is this: We admit we are out of control with our out of control sexual behaviors, crystal meth use, and/or codependent behaviors, but have the power to take charge of our lives and stop being dependent on substance or other people for our self- esteem and security.

What was your experience in hearing this? Did you immediately go “Duh?” or “But I’m outta control?” or anything else? What would happen if you DID affirm that you have the control to take back and take control of your life? What would happen?

Did you actually say an affirmation? Did you create one for yourself?

Sorry about the rough start! I’ll be working on smoothing out the edges!

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