I want to provide you with some of the resources that I recommend to some of my clients.  Up top are Book Resources and as you scoll down, I give you location of meetings for various sexual questions and meetings, so make sure you scoll down! In the Books Resources, you can click on any of the pictures of the books, and each picture will take you to Amazon for further information and so you can buy it there if you’d like.

Books that I use and recommend to help:

Books about Shame and Codependence:
Resources for Recovery

From the author John Bradshaw:

From the author Pia Mellody:

From the author Melody Beattie:

Real Life Resources for sexual testing & questions

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center (Hollywood location, on Schrader). This is an excellent choice for confidential testing for STRAIGHT men as well as for bi/gay/trans men/women as well. Why I refer straight clients here is because if you’re in the various straight communities, your friends probably aren’t going to guess that you’re going here for testing.

LA County When on that page, click on “Los Angeles County STD Clinic and Schedules*”

InSPOT testing locations.

Out of the Closet testing locations.

Bienestar They give a schedule but no addresses, so look on their site.

The CDC has a thorough site to give you boat loads of information about sexual testing and sexual questions. Here’s the CDC’s site.
Here’s a more specific map from the CDC of the LA area (Zip code 90069 with 10 mile radius):

BlackAids Institute provides informaiton and links to resources.

Greater Than. While no testing is directly on this site, it has lots of information, and links to testing sites.

Valley Community Clinic in North Hollywood, @ 6801 Coldwater Canyon, North Hollywood, CA 91605. Testing costs $10 for anonymous/confidential testing.

Real Life MEETINGS in the LOS ANGELES area

“S” Meetings:   SLAA Meetings    SA Meetings    SAA Meetings    SCA Meetings

Drug/alcohol Meetings:    CMA Meetings       AA Meetings

If there are OTHER resources of which YOU are aware, maybe a book, song, movie or meeting that has helped you, let me know!