This is my registration page.

Right now, I’m just about to open up The Empowerment Call, and I welcome YOU to sign up!

  • 8:00am Pacific Time     9:00am Mountain Time
    10:00am Central Time   11:00am Eastern Time
  • No more than 15 minutes
  • 30 consecutive days
  • Talking with you about empowering YOUR life.
  • Want more information BEFORE you sign up?

What happens after you sign up below is that I’ll get notified that you’ve signed up.

After I get that notification, I’ll send you the conference call number and the access code to access the conference call.

Then you just call!

The call will last up to buy NO LONGER than 15 minutes (that’s it!), then I’ll post a blog about our topic, and my hope is, that YOU’LL RESPOND on the blog!

The reason that it’s taken so long to get up and going is that I’ve needed to make sure that the blog portion of this was private only to people who’ve signed up.

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