My Services …

I offer the following services:

  • Psychotherapy/Counseling:

This includes:

    • Sex Therapy (We’ll talk openly, honestly & safely about sex and intimacy issues)
    • Relationship Counseling
    • Individual Counseling

I also offer:

  • Private Coaching (for when you don’t really want or need therapy)
  • Anger Management &/or Stress Management Services (court approved)
  • Speaking Services

I am a life long learner. I highly value personal growth and most of the things I do are towards those ends of increased self awareness, increased understanding, and helping others help themselves.

What I’ve found is that growth doesn’t come from just one place, and, there’s not just one path of learning.

For deep, fundamental change, and changing patterns that just keep cropping or coming up, I recommend psychotherapy.

Sometimes we have a specific issue that we just want some direction on or a couple of questions answered. For that, maybe some private coaching would help.

If you’re looking for Stress/Anger Management, I’m certified by Anderson & Anderson, and the National Anger Management Association.

If you’re looking for a Speaker for your event, I speak on alternative forms of recovery from addictions, conflict resolution/anger management, empowerment, and a few other things.

So have a look around my site! I do hope to see you, work with you and even if we don’t, enjoy your Life.