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Therapeutic Services

Do you have a problem you want solved? If you want some answers, if you want to get some some help with depression, anxiety, grief, loss or maybe you have addiction, self defeating patterns, or sexual questions, for more information, click here.

Relationship Counseling

Lots of arguing in your relationship? NOT lots of intimacy? I will help. If you’re a couple that has drama, or if you’re a couple that doesn’t have the intimacy, including your sexual needs being met, I can help. (straight, gay, traditional, non traditional, Caucasian, Non Caucasian—all welcome)

Life Coaching

Maybe you need some solid guidance on a specific issues but you might not want or need long term psychotherapy. Can’t come to my office? Let’s work it out, I can help. Visit my Life Coaching page for more info.


Time to have an outside authority to help provide a different perspective that clears the way for sustained change or action? Visit my Speaker Services page!